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LAODAO, a small independent restaurant located in South East London United Kingdom, we came from Xinjiang, North West of China. 

Xinjiang is the largest political subdivision of China, geographically lies on silk road route which well-known as the first globe trade route in history, play a central role of trading and cultrual transmission between the East and West since Han dynasty. The route of the historic silk road ran through Xinjiang from east to the northwestern border, as Xinjiang borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 

The landform of Xinjiang can be described as "Three mountains surrounding two Basins". Tian Shan mountain range in the middle divided Xinjiang into two parts, Dzungarian Basin in the north surrounded by Altai mountain range and Tarim Basin in the south surrounded by KunLun mountain range. it is home to a number of ethnic groups, such as Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Han Chinese, Hui, Mongol, Uyghur, Chinese Tajik, Tibetan, Russian, Xibe and more, this is reason why Xinjiang has one of the most diversified cultures in the nation. 

we are not the first Xinjiang restaurant in United Kingdom, but we hope we can make our contribution to link the East and West by spreading the Xinjiang food and Xinjiang culinary culture to local people here, just like silk road route did in thousand years ago...

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